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Found someone who knows something about dogs

Dexter The Puppy

I thought I would share this with my friends, in the spirit the advice was given.

Me: “Our son talked us into getting him a dog this past spring. Opportunity arose to get a Border Collie cross, but before long we realized that this breed has more energy than our teenaged son has. We realize that technically, our problem is not with the dog, but with our son’s attitude toward his responsibility. Any advice?”Amber The Dog Whisperer: “Hi there, I see this a lot. People get a dog because they think it’s cute, or their child talks them into it. The only problem is that without researching the breed, the future dog owners could be getting in over their heads. And border collies are the #1 dog that this occurs with. These dogs are bred to do hardcore farm work. Their mental state depends on the work that they do. Getting a dog like this without the proper outlet for working him can cause some major problems for both dog and owner. Dogs will act out in ways such as excessive barking, digging holes, chasing cars, chewing, etc. All because the dog is trying to occupy itself.

Responsibility must be learned, I agree with you. But if that is going to be impossible (as it is for a lot of teenagers), and the dog is going to end up being the one who suffers, then perhaps the dog needs to go somewhere with the proper time ect. for his training and energy. And your son will learn the cost and consequences of his neglect to take responsibilty for the dog.

But if your son is dedicated to training and caring for this dog, then here’s what needs to happen.
The dog must be walked at least an hour and a half everyday. Whether you split it up into smaller amounts of time, etc. While being walked, the dog needs to be made to practice his commands, sit, stay, lay down, etc., and since border collies are so intelligent, he could probably be trained to practice and perform any trick you like. Place a back pack on him for some of your walks, fill it with water bottles, ect, not weighing more than 10lbs. Give him a job to do.

Basically, these dogs require intense mental stimulation every single day. They need a job to do. What I might suggest to you, is trying some new approaches to get your son’s interest in the dog back. Border collies do excellent in agility, hiking, ect. You may want to try planning some activities that require both of them to work together, therefore strengthening their bond to one another. If there is something your son has a particular interest in, try thinking of a way to involve the dog, attempt to integrate him back into your son’s life. The thing with teenagers, is that if you push them to do something, they’re most likely just going to do the opposite 🙂 so try doing these things without talking to him about your true motives.

If you have any other questions, any problems with the dog, please email me back. I hope you find this info helpful. And please feel free to stay in touch.”


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