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What’s your favourite promotion?

How do you get your name out there to people you want to be involved with?

Sure, it’s important to have a few methods, and put yourself as everywhere as possible, but what’s your favourite way to connect? Facebook? Twitter? Postcards?

I’ve always been a big fan of the calling card, or business card. There’s a romanticism about them, and I like the small format that forces you to get to the point in showing people your style. |They can keep a little piece of you in their pocket!

There’s trade shows coming up quick in our area, let me help you prepare for it now! Let’s avoid the last-minute design, and crossing fingers hoping the project will be produced in time for the Big Day. 😉

I can design and deliver lots of printed materials, including business cards and postcards.IMG_1939



Making Moolah

Making money the hard way


Spencer and I just spent some time making money this weekend, seemed like a fun way to spend an hour. I made a dollar, he made twenty, though we were doing the same amount of work. He asked me if it was illegal to do this, and I told him it’s only illegal if you try to pass it off as real. I’m relieved that he went out of his way to note that it was a fake twenty, lest someone find it and accuse us of counterfeiting.

I envision a time when art might be traded like money is. “Hey I’ll give you this illustration of a bicycle for a loaf of bread?” Maybe this activity isn’t too far out there, I’ll have to start hanging around more Farmers Markets. Trading caricatures for clothes, paintings for playthings, sketches for sandwiches. I envision myself enjoying days painting by the lake, weekends trading the works for life essentials. I must be missing something in this daydream, or I’m sure everyone would be doing it in real life. Or is it possible (this is likely:) that Farmers Marketers might have the right idea – provide what you are able, trade for what you need.

free font

I made this font, If you wanna check it out, here’s a link to the file I uploaded.

I got some font-sketching software for my tablet, this was attempt number one. Attempt #2 took three hours but crashed before it saved, so you can’t have the Really Cool Version. Don’t worry, if I know me, I’ll be trying it again soon.