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Repurposing Junk

With two teenage boys in the house, I end up with a lot of old “stuff” that just got worn out over the years. Jeans with holes and grass stains, decade-old video game consoles, skateboards, bikes, you know.
Of course, I don’t like to toss anything cool, but I often get ideas to “refresh” the use of an old thingy or doodad.
I decided I was going to reuse an old skateboard deck. So I pulled off the trucks, painted it all purdy, and attached some inexpensive frames. Ta-dahhhh, project pretty much complete, just had to get some appropriate pictures to place in it. board

I collected the family to head off to the skate park, to meet up with a photographer buddy so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with timers and settings, and just appreciate some fun time with the wife and kids!20130911_022215320_iOS


Not Vinyl Signs

People who are looking for something a little more “couture” in their sign projects are looking to the past, back to the days of the Painted Sign.
As sign painters have become an endangered species through the development of vinyl as the new sign medium, we are finding ways to use the technology in new ways to achieve an old look.
pallet sign1Case in point – I was commissioned to help out with this project by a fun craft store, who hosted a workshop where participants built “Old Pallet Signs” like you see in the home deco stores these days.

The vinyl ended up only being used as a tool in the development of the sign, not in the finished piece. I appreciate that it took the scary part out of sign making for all the participants. It sounded like it was a pretty successful workshop though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it offered again in the near future. If you are interested, I suggest you give them a call. This process has a lot of potential to make a custom sign for your home, or a gift for a friend.

Unforgettable Memories, Fort St John BC  250-785-2711
pallet sign2

Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers!

Happy Valentine's Day, suckers!

I know you meant to get to the store for some chocolates or whatever by now. You didn’t, and now it’s going to look all “last-minute-y”. Here you go, free for you to print and present to your sweetie. Print as many as you think she deserves. You’re welcome.


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