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Just in time for Christmas

calendarYou’re looking for that special something for a lot of people, aren’t you? There’s a list in your head, containing all the family and friends you want to remember during the holiday season. Let’s make a fun one: What do you think about a calendar with monthly themed pictures of you and your family? Or maybe you have special artwork in mind, a scrapbook page or some other meaningful piece. I can help you with a project that will be memorable and personal, or something that you can blast out copies of for everyone, and get that list taken care of with one swoop!

Let me know if you have an idea or need one. Let’s get something in the works! But hurry and contact me, while we still have time to work on the presentation.


Not Vinyl Signs

People who are looking for something a little more “couture” in their sign projects are looking to the past, back to the days of the Painted Sign.
As sign painters have become an endangered species through the development of vinyl as the new sign medium, we are finding ways to use the technology in new ways to achieve an old look.
pallet sign1Case in point – I was commissioned to help out with this project by a fun craft store, who hosted a workshop where participants built “Old Pallet Signs” like you see in the home deco stores these days.

The vinyl ended up only being used as a tool in the development of the sign, not in the finished piece. I appreciate that it took the scary part out of sign making for all the participants. It sounded like it was a pretty successful workshop though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it offered again in the near future. If you are interested, I suggest you give them a call. This process has a lot of potential to make a custom sign for your home, or a gift for a friend.

Unforgettable Memories, Fort St John BC  250-785-2711
pallet sign2